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Our Why?

Why are we grateful to be Bellevue Broncos?
Mrs Mohney: "I’m grateful for our @BroncoPride2019  students! I’m honored that I get to engage with them everyday, to talk about their futures, to see their fullest potential in their eyes.
Ms. Graves: "I'm grateful for all the smiles & handshakes I receive from K-3 students everyday!
Mr. Ries:  “I am grateful for being a Bronco because of our outstanding facilities.”
Mrs. Williams: "I choose to be a Bellevue Bronco because we have the BEST para pros!"
Mrs. Smith: "I am grateful to work in a place where I am appreciated!"
Mrs. North: "I'm grateful for Bellevue Administrators for being supportive of their staff and students. I am thankful that they are TRULY committed to the best interests of ALL of us here at Bellevue!"
Mrs. Mohney: "I am grateful for our @BroncoPride2019 teacher leaders that are willing to engage in courageous dialogue centered on reflecting on their own mindsets!"
Mrs. Mohney: "I am grateful for our @BroncoPride2019 school board. Their commitment to student achievement is evident in their willingness to engage in learning during each board meeting. We are blessed to have seven amazing human beings advocating for our students."
Mrs. Williams: "I love our small rural town!"
Mrs. North: "I'm proud to be a Bronco because of our school district's great relationship with the friendly community of Bellevue!"
Mrs. Boyer: "I am thankful to work in Bellevue because we have some amazing & supportive parents!"
Mrs. Mohney: "I'm grateful for our #BroncoPride2019 seniors and their willingness to share their perspectives with such tremendous maturity!"