Our district exists for a single purpose – to provide the highest quality education to each student in order for them to have options in life after graduation. These options may include choices on a college or trade school to attend, which branch of the military to join, which job they will accept as they enter the work force, how they will navigate working for their family business, or making the choice to start a family.  Our job is to ensure each graduate has an endless number of options as they step into their adult lives so they are not bound to any one path.

Our staff has spent a considerable amount of time thinking through what a Bellevue Graduate looks like. Who will they be, as human beings, as they walk across the stage to receive their diplomas? Who are they, beyond academic grades and test scores?

We believe that every student that graduates from Bellevue Community Schools should be willing to take risks, knowing that we have given them the tools to do so. Each student should be equipped with life, personal, and social skills.

Bellevue Graduates should have strong life skills – the ability to positively interact with others, the understanding of the consequences associated with their actions, the ability to think for themselves – to make sense of many the perspectives and process what this means for them as members of a democratic society.

Graduates should have strong personal skills – the ability to accept success and failure, while remaining humble and kind, the skills to cope with whatever life throws at them, the ability to recognize their strengths and challenges, and be willing to seek and accept support as they continue to grow.

Our graduates should have strong social skills – the ability to empathize with humanity, the willingness to be an active member of their community, the ability to compromise, and finally the fortitude to listen and admit when they are wrong.

Our district prides ourselves on who we are and where we come from. As we celebrate our upcoming graduates, I encourage each of us to reflect on who we are as a district. How do we continue to work together to strengthen who we are in order to continuously strengthen the quality of education that we provide for each of our students? Once a Bronco, Always a Bronco!